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no. no.
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matt, breakfast is ready. in a minute. hurry. you'll be late for school. [knock on door] grandpa, you want-- it happened again, huh? yes. i didn't drink anything after supper,
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just one sip of my medicine. i know. your mom said if it happened again... she didn't mean that. she did. she did. oh, god. oh, grandpa, don't. i'll take care of it, ok? i'll wash them at school. it'll be all right. nice and hot. hi. hey, good morning. your eggs are cold. they got cholesterol. is that so, doctor? you'd prescribe something else? carbos, like the distance runners. doughnuts! the man wants doughnuts. you got practice after school? the coach decides who runs what race.
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what do you think? i'd rather run the mile. it's the primo event. do it with clean socks. yesterday's socks made the dog faint. what on earth? what's this doing in your bag? i asked a question. what's this doing in your bag? he couldn't help it. he got scared. i told him i'd wash them at school. it's time to go. mom, come on. go to school.
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it's time to face reality. ann. he's your father. i understand how you feel, but you've got to understand how i feel. he isn't getting better. he's just going to get worse. we have problems now. what about a year from now? he should be where people can take care of him. he had an accident. so he wet his sheets. please, jim. don't start again. it's not just the sheet, and you know it. we have our own life, our own family. i'm afraid to go on vacation, for fear of what will happen.
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you asked and he stopped smoking the pipe. because we're here. it's like taking care of a baby. i can't anymore. we've seen the place. it's clean. the staff is nice. jim, i'm going to call them today. do you have something with romance in it? i like romance, you see. we should have something here. a lot of old ladies here don't like romance. oh, but i do. i just love lovin'. look at this. has it got hot stuff?
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they're not exactly holding hands here. i like you. you know, you're all right. now get out. i want to read this. i'll see you later. go on, go on. i'm jonathan with the rolling library. something to read? no, thank you. wait. let me read some titles. i said no, thank you. all right, but let me leave something. i've got to do my job. here's one. welcome to hollywood. welcome to hollywood. quite a place. ever been there? no. meant to go. me and my wife never did. why not? i don't know. something came up.
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with the kids, huh? yeah, with the kids. first they're too small to travel, then they're in day camp, then you're saving for college and... and then? then your wife is gone and you're too old. come on. you too old? why do you think i'm in here? because i'm old and too much trouble. do you exercise or anything? are you kidding? no, i'm not kidding. you do much walking? i can hardly get out of bed in the morning. wait till you're my age. you'll see. there was a time when i kept up. i had a plaque on the wall at the ymca in baldwin, north dakota. i was fast and strong, too.
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but like i said, you wake up one day, you're too old. what day was that, harry? hmm? one day you were too old. was that the day your wife died? i got to run. take a look at that magazine. you never know. i'll see you, harry.
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listen up, clowns. milers will be jordan, hargass, and haynes. half-milers--cardoni, maris, and yacobian. the rest over here. you had a lot left. yeah. paced myself good. i'm jonathan. this is mark. let's talk about your granddad. he's ok? oh, yeah. he's fine. sit down. thank you. i met your granddad today. he won't be with us long if he keeps going like this. because of that place?
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it's not the place. it's the way he was treated at home. hey, wait a minute. he shouldn't be in a home, but it's hard on my mom. i'm not criticizing your mom. waiting on him hand and foot isn't what he needs. what does he need? a swift kick in the butt. somebody who'll get him into living instead of keeping him comfortable while he waits to die. hey, haynes! you're a miler now, not a spectator. right, coach. can we talk later? mind if i join you? we'll talk and run. you're up to it? you'll be surprised. ok. want to join us? i'll get the car.
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that's real cute. the only thing you run is something that's got a bet on it. nice day for running. not hot, not cold. no, it's perfect. running! love it! [knock on door]
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come in. hey, granddad. matt, what are you doing here? i told you i was coming. i brought you a present. oh. what's this? go on. open it. looks pretty good. you didn't touch it. i'm not hungry. maybe that will perk up your appetite. what am i supposed to do with this? walk. i figure we'll take walks together. i haven't got the strength to walk. you and grandma used to walk. that was years ago. that was a year and a half ago. seems like a lifetime. because you stopped everything after grandma died. you stopped living. that's not true.
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it is, and you know it. is that any way to talk to your grandfather? i'm talking this way because i love you. if people loved me, i wouldn't be here to die. this is where you wait to die. no, it isn't. it is! tell your father i'll die as soon as i can. grandpa, please. come on. go back to your family. i don't belong there anymore. go on. go on. go on!
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can't sleep, harry? why are you here this time of night? i was going home. did you like the book? it's all right. kind of hard on your grandson today. what? i was passing by.
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i couldn't help overhearing. he's only trying to help because he loves you. oh, i know. but he doesn't understand. he doesn't know what it's like to get old. getting old has got its pluses and minuses. you've got to work on the pluses. where did you hear that? i don't know. my wife always used to say it. i got so tired of hearing it. "work on the pluses. work on the pluses." and did you? sure. anything to keep her from saying it. she sounds like quite a woman. she really was. i used to get so mad at her. i mean really mad. maybe matt reminds you a little bit of clara. how did you know my wife's name?
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you must have mentioned it. is he like her? yes, he is. clara always said so. that made me mad, too. grandfathers want to see themselves in their grandsons. you can't blame him for not wanting to be like you. what? you've given up on living. you blame everybody else for everything. who do you think you're talking to, young man? i'm talking to harry haynes... who still has a plaque at the ymca in baldwin, north dakota, because he could keep up with the best of them. get off your butt, harry. people care about you.
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[telephone rings] i'll get it. [ring] hello. hi, granddad. oh, that's ok. mm-hmm. yeah, sure i can. no, no. i want to. ok. uh-huh. i'll see you then. me, too. bye. that was granddad. he wants to start walking. that's great! how did he sound? a lot better. i told you he'd like that place. home for supper. how long with granddad?
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i don't know. save time for your homework. i will. see you tonight. want some more coffee? uh, yeah. thanks. i'm calling dad. i'll stop by on my way to work. dad, how are you doing? uh, look, i thought that i'd stop by on my way to work. well, no... it's not an imposition at all. why not? dad, dad... you are a part of the family. it's-- all right. if that's how you feel, but-- dad!
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what's wrong? he doesn't want to see me. he's just doing that to hurt you right now. matt said he sounded better. it'll take time. we did the right thing. we? what do you mean, "we"? jim, that's not fair. it was your idea to send him there! i looked after him all day long, remember? what else did you have to do? not a thing. not a damn thing! annie! annie! ann! you're limping. are you all right? oh, fine. look at that old guy. trying to keep the old legs a-going. good for him. i should have run with him yesterday.
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why don't you run with him? you don't want to come with us? hey, don't overdo! will you stop it? how you doing? couldn't be better. could i run with you? sure. i'd love it. my name's clark. oh, i'm mark. mark and clark, a team. you ready? oh, yeah, sure. come on. you set the pace. this is a pretty good pace here. i like it brisk. how old are you? 74. 74? how long will you run today? just an hour today. i've got aerobics at 6:00. hey, harry. how you doing? granddad's doing great.
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i'm walking, anyway. good for you. you surprised me yesterday. you weren't puffing after that workout. you been running long? not as long as the guy with my friend. he's 74 years old. he'll run mark into the ground. 74? uh-huh. he's working on his pluses. well, i got to run. see you later. that jonathan's a nice guy. granddad? huh? i said that jonathan's a nice guy. oh, yeah. you know, that old fool's older than me. yep. want to keep going? damn right i do. huh. he's gone.
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where did he go? i tell you, you wouldn't have believed him. he hasn't walked like that in years. he was starving. annie, did you hear that? maybe this was just a phase he was going through. i bet he could move back in and take care of himself. i don't want him here! sorry, mom. i just thought he'd-- there's nothing wrong with what you said, matt. i don't want him here! things will be exactly like before! how do you know that? let's see how he comes along. fine. let's ask my mother, too! your mother's capable of taking care of herself. and your father isn't! so let ann do it. he comes back into this house, and i leave!
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mom, don't say that. i'm sorry, but i mean it. don't threaten me, ann. it's not a threat! it's the truth! he's my father! what's so wrong with him being here? we don't have one evening together because you don't want your dad to be lonely. it is hard on him. it's hard on me! where will it send me... one call to hoveround and you'll be singing too! pick up the phone and call hoveround, the premier power chair. hoveround makes it easier than any other power chair. hoveround is more maneuverable to get you through the tightest doors and hallways. more reliable. hoveround employees build your chair, deliver your chair, and will service your chair for as long as you own your chair. most importantly, 9 out of 10 people got their hoveround for little or no cost.
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